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Great Lakes Region Command Team

Great Lakes Region Staff Roster

Command Staff
Commander Col Matthew Creed
Vice Commander Col Richard Griffith
Chief Of Staff Col Rickey Oeth
Command NCO CMSgt James Gregory
Special Program Leaders
Director, Johnson Flight Academy Col W. Mark Reeves
Director, Oshkosh Flight Academy Col W. Mark Reeves
Director, Chaplain Region Staff College Lt Col Gary Eno
Director, Region Staff College Lt Col Mark Davalos
Director, Cyber Security Academy Lt Col Tom Rehman
Director, Region AEO School Lt Col Frank Roldan
Director, Region Cadet Competition Lt Col Tom Rehman
Director, Grey Flag Col Phil Argenti
Coordinator, CFI Development Program Col W. Mark Reeves
Coordinator, PPC Col Matthew Creed
Commander, Nester Cadet Sqn Lt Col Jamie Griffith
NCOIC, Red Brick School Cdt Flt MSgt Kris Matthews
Admin/Personnel Lt Col Paul Kloehn
Aerospace Education Lt Col Frank Roldan
Cadet Development Officer Maj Michelle Benn
Cadet Programs Lt Col Tom Rehman
Chaplain Lt Col Gary Eno
CISM Officer Lt Col Mike Saile
Communications Lt Col Bill Carlson
Counterdrug Officer Col W. Mark Reeves
Diversity Officer Ch Capt David Grossman
Emergency Services Col Phil Argenti
Finance Lt Col Dan Roman
Government Relations Advisor Lt Col Gary Brockman
Historian Lt Col Todd Engelman
Homeland Security Officer Recruiting
Information Technology Col W. Mark Reeves
Inspector General Col Gary Mayo
Legal Officer Lt Col Steve Tupper
Logistics Lt Col Ken Dixon
Operations Col W. Mark Reeves
Plans and Programs Lt Col Dan Roman
Professional Development Recruiting
Public Affairs Maj Bill Vendramin
Recruiting and Retention Lt Col Aaron Angelini
Safety Lt Col Christian Felton
Stan/Eval Officer Lt Col Ed Verville
sUAS Officer Recruiting
Transportation Lt Col Jennifer Hicks
Wing Commanders
Illinois Wing Col Robert Dempsey
Indiana Wing Col Robert Freese
Kentucky Wing Col Darrel Williamson
Michigan Wing Col Rajesh Kothari
Ohio Wing Col David Jennison
Wisconsin Wing Col Denese Helgeland
Commander Lt Col Thomas Phillips
Director Of Operations  

Updated 3/1/2020

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