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Great Lakes Region Staff

Great Lakes Region Staff Roster

Command Staff
Commander Col Matthew Creed
Vice Commander Col Richard Griffith
Chief Of Staff - Missions Col Rickey Oeth
Chief Of Staff - Support Col Jay Burrell
Command Chief Master Sergeant CMSgt James Gregory
Director Col Leo Burke
Assistant Safety Officer Lt Col Christian Felton
Assistant Safety Officer Lt Col Matthew Chastain
Director Lt Col Paul Kloehn
Assistant Director CMSgt James Gregory
Aerospace Education
Director Lt Col Francisco Roldan
Assistant Director Lt Col Michael McArdle
Cadet Programs
Director Lt Col John Bryan
Assistant Director - Cyber Lt Col Paul Creed, III
Development Officer Maj Michelle Benn
Cadet Advisory Council
CAC Advisor Capt Jason Reed
CAC Chairperson C/Col Austin Schultz
CAC Vice Chairperson C/Lt Col Austin Lee
CAC Recorder C/1st Lt Max Foster-Webb 
National Primary Rep  
National Alternate Rep  
Chaplain Ch (Lt Col) Gary Eno
Assistant Chaplain Ch (Maj) Lang Yang
Staff Assistant Lt Col Christine Rinn
Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM)
CISM Officer Lt Col Michael Saile
Director Lt Col William Carlson
Assistant Director Lt Col Charles Cook
Assistant Director Lt Col Kenneth Dixon
HF Primary Net Control Station Lt Col James Weiland
Counter Drug
Director Col Warren Reeves
Assistant Director Col Leo Burke
Emergency Services
Director Lt Col Brian Schmuck
Assistant Director Col Leo Burke
Assistant Director Lt Col Aaron Pietras
Director Lt Col Monica Burke
Assistant Director Col Edward Mueller
Assistant Director Maj Philip Muller
Historian Lt Col Todd Engelman
Homeland Security & Government Relations
Director Col Leo Burke
Information Technology
Director Maj J. Scott Littlefield
Inspector General
Inspector General Col Gary Mayo
Assistant Inspector General Col Maurice Givens
Assistant Inspector General Col Donald Haffner
Legal Officer Lt Col Stephen Tupper
Assistant Legal Officer Col Robert Karton
Assistant Legal Officer Lt Col Jeffrey Lustick
Director Lt Col Kenneth Dixon
Assistant Director Lt Col Tod Whitmore
Transportation Officer Lt Col Kenneth Dixon
Assistant Transportation Officer Col Donald Haffner
Director Col Mark Reeves
Assistant Director Col Leo Burke
Standardization/Evaluation Officer Lt Col Edmond Verville
Plans & Programs
Director Lt Col Daniel Roman
Professional Development
Director Lt Col Christian Felton
Assistant Director Lt Col Monica Burke
Public Affairs
Assistant Director  
Assistant Director  
Recruiting & Retention
Director Lt Col Aaron Angelini
Assistant Director Maj Daniel Roman
Region Finance Committee
Chairperson Col Matthew Creed
Member Col Richard Griffith
Member Maj Philip Muller
Member Col Jay Burrell
Member Col Rickey Oeth
Member Lt Col Malcolm Webb
Region Promotion Review Board
Chairperson Col Richard Griffith
Member Col Rickey Oeth
Member Col Jay Burrell
Member Lt Col Christian Felton
Member Col Fred Rosenberg
Member (NCO Promotion Board) CMSgt James Gregory
Project Officers
Go-To-Meeting Conference - Coordinator Col Robert Koob
Johnson Flight Academy - Co-Commander Capt Chris Ballard
Region Power Academy - Commander Lt Col Marcia Cunningham
Region Staff College - Director Lt Col Mark Davalos
Wing Commanders
Illinois Wing Col Robert Dempsey
Indiana Wing Col Philip Argenti
Kentucky Wing Col Darrel Williamson
Michigan Wing Col Rajesh Kothari
Ohio Wing Col David Jennison
Wisconsin Wing Col Denese Helgeland
Commander Lt Col Thomas Phillips
Director Of Operations  

Updated 2/25/19

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