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Cadet Aviation Seminars

Great Lakes Region Cadet Aviation Seminars

Great Lakes Region Aviation Enrichment

This online aviation experience is a chance for cadets to interact with a variety of experienced, engaging pilots on topics they find important and interesting. Some material will overlap with the Private Pilot curriculum, but this is not preparation for a written exam, it’s an enrichment experience. Being a safe, effective, fun pilot lasts far beyond getting a piece of paper; it means establishing a lifelong pattern of engaging with the rest of the aviation community and always expanding the boundaries of your own knowledge and experience. This is an opportunity to start that journey.

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Maj Margaret Doig, CAP Zoom
General Information

Expectations and Goals

The course is designed to adapt to students’ interests and time constraints. Students are expected to attend all sessions unless prior arrangements are made, and active participation is essential. Outside reading material and external resources will be suggested but not required, and students are encouraged to follow their interests and explore topics on their own.


· Training for emergencies

· Flight discipline

· Pushing your boundaries safely

· What to do after your PPL

· ... and many more!



The group will meet online Mondays and Thursdays from 27 July to 27 August at 0000-0100Z for ten one-hour interactive sessions.

Required Materials

Internet access and computer or other device capable of participating in online meetings.

Submit an application and a letter of approval from your squadron commander to by 24 July. Space is limited, so apply early!

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