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GLR STEM Academy

Date: July 13-20, 2024
This year's location: Marseilles Training Center (MTC) near Marseilles, IL
Cadet Cost: $350 includes facilities and STEM supplies ($200 Basic encampment costs plus $150 for STEM supplies)
Registration for the STEM Academy will be announced soon.

Great Lakes Region STEM Academy
Great Lakes Region offers a STEM Academy on a first-come, first-served basis.
There is space for only 12 cadets for this event, and the registration may close once capacity is reached.
Student Applications open through the ILWG Summer Encampment Website
Student Prerequisites:
Be a current CAP member
Have completed at least one basic encampment already
Completed Achievement 3 Feik as the minimum requirement; Achievement 5 is preferred if desire
intermediate badge, Lindberg also benefits but is not required
Once accepted, you may have assignments to bring
Signed Permission from Squadron Commander and Parent
Registration Deadline is the same as the encampment

Aerospace STEM Career exploration
12-24 hours of numerous hands-on STEM activities
Professional and Social networking
STEM Kits activities
Model Rocketry activities
Possible O-Flights
Model Rocketry Activities towards the fulfillment of Model Rocketry Badge Requirements
Hydraulic STEM Activity
Indoor Quad-copters STEM activities

Numerous AE and AEX hands-on activities

Students who complete and pass all the prerequisite requirements during the week will
earn the right to wear the Basic STEM Badge (and possibly intermediate). Content towards the Model
Rocketry Badge will also be completed; depending on the cadet's completion of requirements, it is possible to
earn the Model Rocketry Badge by the week's completion.
Participants may have some overlapping time with Basic Encampment activities, such as meal times and
possible O-Flights along with sleeping arrangements, but the main focus will be the completing the
requirements for the different badges through separate training activities.

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