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sUAS Training Academy

Do you want to be an sUAS Mission Pilot (UASMP)?

The FAA 107 certification test can be a daunting experience for those who have no background in manned aviation.  The teaching staff wants to help you overcome that obstacle.

This joint effort between the Region AE Officer, Lt. Col. John Bryan, and the Region DOU, Capt. Gerry Boire will be taking place during the MIWG Encampment week: 8-15 July 2023 Alpena CRTC.

This course will give you the instruction to pass the FAA Part 107 drone license test - so you can continue your steps to becoming a UASMP in Civil Air Patrol.  With the help of this 1-week course, you will ace the exam and quickly become an FAA-certified commercial drone pilot. You will also have an opportunity to fly Civil Air Patrol drones,

You will not receive the 107 test.  You must book this on your own and pay the appropriate fee. You will, however, receive a step by step training on what is required on the test, as well as practice tests to let you know what your approximate results will be when you take the FAA test at your local testing center.

As an added bonus, all participants will receive "zero to hero" training and graduate as a Recreational Pilot Rating with an sUAS quadcopter endorsement (at minimum),  after which you will be authorized to wear the sUAS Pilot wings available at

As a prerequisite, all applicants MUST have a TRUST certificate uploaded into OPS QUALS before being accepted into the course.  See the attached document on how to attain and upload this FREE certificate.  You will also be required to bring this to the Academy in order to fly, per FAA regulations. The cost is $275

If flying drones (rotary and fixed-wing) in Search and Rescue and Damage Assessment for CAP is something that interests you, then click on the link below to register:

There are only 20 spots available, and they will be snapped up quickly.

More information will be sent to those accepted as participants at a later date.

Due to FAA regulations, you must be 16 in order to take the 107 certification test.  Priority will be given to those who have attained this age. However, if room permits, those about to attain the age of 16 will be allowed to participate.  If you fall in the former category, please feel free to register in the event that you may be selected to participate.

Please forward any questions to the Academy Director, Captain Gerald (Gerry) Boire, at

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