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GLR Annual Awards

2019 Great Lakes Region Annual Award Winners:

Senior Member of the Year – Lt Col Thomas Wendlegast, Kentucky Wing

Cadet of the Year – C/Col Annika Walukas, Wisconsin Wing

Brewer Award - Cadet – C/1st Lt Liam Hood, Michigan Wing

Brewer Award - Senior – Capt Vijay Anand, Ohio Wing

Brewer Award - Organizational - Indianapolis Aero Club, Indiana Wing

AE Teacher of the Year Award – Capt Angelo Ifandis, Ohio Wing

Maj Gen Jeanne Holm AE Officer of the Year – 1st Lt David Straughn, Indiana Wing

Air Force Association AE Cadet of the Year - C/Maj Joel Sellers, Kentucky Wing

Jack Sorenson Cadet Programs Officer of the Year – MSgt Kristofer Matthews, Illinois Wing

Air Force Sergeants Association Non-commissioned Cadet of the Year – C/CMSgt Ethan Cochran, Kentucky Wing

Col David Kantor Operations Staff Officer of the Year – Capt H. Dennis Hardison, Kentucky Wing

Col Ed Lewis Incident Staff Member of the Year – Lt Col Christopher Trossen, Wisconsin Wing

Col Dion Decamp Ground Team of the Year – Southern Kentucky Cadet Squadron (KY300), Kentucky Wing

Lt Col T. Keith Riddle Aircrew Member of the Year - 2d Lt Chris Reiff, Kentucky Wing

Communicator of the Year – Lt Col Thomas Myers, Indiana Wing

Col Lester E. Hopper Wing Historian of the Year – Maj Shawna Hoekstra, Michigan Wing

Property Manager of the Year – Maj Eric Milles, Kentucky Wing

Senior Chaplain of the Year – Chap, Lt Col Lang Yang, Michigan Wing and Deputy Region Chaplain

Squadron Chaplain of the Year – Chap, Lt Col Carlos Ortiz, Kentucky Wing

Character Development Instructor of the Year – Lt Col Walter Distelzweig, Ohio Wing

Safety Officer of the Year – Maj Ryan Krenke, Wisconsin Wing

Col Robert "Bud" Payton Public Affairs Officer of the Year – 1st Lt Vincent Cannon, Indiana Wing

Professional Development Officer of the Year - 1st Lt Jamie Hiles, Illinois Wing

Director of Finance of the Year - Maj Kevin Houser, Ohio Wing

Inspector General of the Year - Major David McDonald, Indiana Wing

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