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The Mission of Civil Air Patrol's Public Affairs program is to inform internal and external audiences of CAP’s national importance, safeguard the image and assets of the corporation, and strengthen relations with key audiences and customers, which enables the organization to grow.

Public Affairs Officer Objectives are:

1. Increase public awareness of Civil Air Patrol, its local, state, and national missions, and its contributions to the nation.

2. Develop and conduct a comprehensive internal and external PA plan.

3. Promote cooperation between CAP and other aviation organizations, the military, business, industry, and civic groups.

4. Consistently communicate the CAP brand identity and inspire every member to help build awareness of Civil Air Patrol.

The Region Public Affairs Officer serves as a field representative for National Headquarters Public Affairs (NHQ PA) and as a liaison among the wing, group, squadron, and flight PAOs. The region PAO will demonstrate leadership in guiding the work of the wing PAOs by developing an annual region PA plan that addresses identified weaknesses and needs, including social media training needs, and supports PA’s national strategic goals and objectives. Region PAOs, when needed or requested, should serve as advisors and supervisors and frequently consult with subordinate wing, group, squadron, and flight PAOs.

Public Information Officer (PIO). One of the best opportunities for Civil Air Patrol to get its message out to the public is when the organization is supporting emergency services missions for state and local communities.

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