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Photo Gallery Request

Q & A on SmugMug, the CAP national photography site!

1 – Are all NCSAs using it? YES. All wings should be using it! 

2 – How do I upload photos? For Public Affairs Officer Use Only First, request a gallery online at; then, you will be emailed an upload link. Just drag and drop your photos, and they are live online.

3 – How many photos should I post? All of them, once you have reviewed them, selected the best, removed duplicates, and added captions. Remember, this represents your activity and all of CAP. 

4 – Does it cost money? NO! The use of SmugMug is free! 

To upload to SmugMug, use the request gallery link located at Please allow 48 hours for the gallery to be created and for the upload link to be emailed to you.


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