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Civil Air Patrol Brand Portal  The portal was created to help Civil Air Patrol members and staff gain easy access to the resources required to create properly branded material, develop written content consistent with CAP style, and use trademarked assets accurately. This site is the primary brand management resource and supersedes other published resources. 

"Civil Air Patrol’s Board of Governors (BoG) is the ultimate authority for the Civil Air Patrol brand. The BoG has authorized Marketing and Communications (MAC) to manage the brand, brand assets, and associated trademarks on its behalf as the organization's sole brand authority and brand management team. The Brand Portal is an extension of CAP’s published regulations, manuals, and pamphlets regarding the Civil Air Patrol brand, and compliance is compulsory". 

A new series about Public Affairs in Civil Air Patrol by Redberryweo

A brief introduction to Civil Air Patrol's Brand Portal | CAP PA Series 

An overview of how to generate your personalized signature block for CAP communications and the information/generator is available in the CAP Brand Portal! Make Your CAP Signature Block! 

An overview of the fonts that should be used for communications Typography 

An overview of the colors that should be used for communications. Color Palette

Public Affairs Regulation CAP190-1

Public Affairs Specialty Track Pamphlet CAPP201

Incident Management Team Position Task Book All-Hazards Public Information Officer

National Logos & Graphics    Region / Wing Logos & Graphics   

SmugMug Gallery Site   Request a SmugMug Photo Gallery


SiteViz   SiteViz Modules

The Defense Information School (DINFOS) PAVILION is an extensive knowledge base of trusted resources related to DoD PA/VI that is accessible to all. The site is searchable and available 24/7. The resources are beneficial for Civil Air Patrol PAOs and PIOs. 

The Defense Information School's Library provides information about publications and public affairs. A wealth of resources for interviews, publication planning, editing, and more. DINFOS Blackboard Library

DINFOS YouTube! Many videos in several playlists


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