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Congratulations to the Great Lakes Region annual award winners for 2023.  I’m extremely proud of these members for their service, dedication, and accomplishments for 2023.  I hope you’ll join me in congratulating our outstanding Great Lakes Region award recipients!
Great Lakes Region Commander
Senior Member of the Year – Lt Col David Dlugiewicz – Ohio Wing                         
Cadet of the Year – C/Lt Col Soren Koh – Illinois Wing                                                           
AFSA Cadet NCO of the Year – C/CMSgt Lillyan Bastian – Wisconsin Wing                       
AFA Aerospace Education Cadet of the Year – C/Lt Col Meagan Miller – Kentucky Wing        
Jack Sorenson Cadet Programs Officer of the Year – TSgt Alejandro Trevino – Illinois Wing
Frank G. Brewer Award – Senior – 1Lt Amol Bargaje – Illinois Wing                            
Frank G. Brewer Award – Cadet – C/Capt John Anand – Ohio Wing
Maj Gen Jeanne Holm AEO of the Year – Capt Kenneth DeRemer – Michigan Wing
Col Edwin Lewis Incident Staff Member of the Year – 1Lt Philip Harris – Kentucky Wing  
Col David A. Kantor Operations Officer of the Year – 1Lt Philip Harris – Kentucky Wing   
Lt Col Keith Riddle Aircrew Member of the Year – Lt Col John Hoffmann – Wisconsin Wing
Maj Gen Dwight Wheless Legal Officer of the Year – Lt Col Evan Jones – Kentucky Wing   
Col Dion DeCamp Ground Team of the Year – Lunken Cadet Squadron – Ohio Wing        
Communicator of the Year – Maj Eric Coggin – Ohio Wing            
Property Manager of the Year – 1Lt Scott Senefeld – Ohio Wing            
Character Development Instructor of the Year – Capt Meg Venn – Michigan Wing     
Safety Officer of the Year – 1Lt Susan Wind – Kentucky Wing       
Col Robert Payton PAO of the Year – 2Lt Jessica Schaefer – Wisconsin Wing     
Education and Training Officer of the Year – Lt Col Richard Miller – Illinois Wing       
George Texido Legislative Officer of the Year – Lt Col George Berghorn – Ohio Wing                  
Aerospace Education Teacher of the Year – SM Daniel Walsh – Indiana Wing                           
Col Lester Hopper Historian of the Year – Lt Col Mike Hood – Ohio Wing
Maj Gen Robert Taylor Chaplain of the Year – Ch, Capt Scott Riggenbach – Indiana Wing

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